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Australia Travel Guides and Tips

Aboriginal tribes inhabited the Australian mainland 42,000 years ago. They had to face a European invasion that began in 1770 when Great Britain seized the East Coast of Australia. The British built prison colonies on the mainland and transported prisoners from Europe, who were forced to do community service there. These colonies laid the foundation for federations from which the entire country was later formed. Australia is currently a federal state with a democratic system. It suffers from a lack of precipitation, so it is the driest continent on earth. Most cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide are concentrated on the country’s coast. Fauna and flora have developed separately on other continents, so most local species are endemic. The world’s largest massif is Mount Augustus in Western Australia, competing for the title with the famous Uluru. Australia also includes the largest barrier reef, which is more than 2000 kilometres long.

Travel Posts from Australia

Australia – Get to know the Blue Mountains with Coast Warriors

If you decide to visit the Australian Sydney, don’t forget to check out the Blue Mountains as well. The rare eucalyptus forests are located a stone’s throw away from the city center. And why are they called “blue”? Namely because of the bluish mist that hovers over the forests, most often during the hot days. The mist is eucalyptus oil evaporating from the tree leaves. When we were planning our visit to the Blue Mountains, we booked [...]

Sydney – Get Closer to Australian Animals in Featherdale Wildlife Park

Every visitor of Sydney should know the local fauna that is unique in the world. Australia can boast plenty of interesting endemic species, such as the koala, marsupials, and the dingo. That’s why we decided to visit the local wildlife park so that we could watch these wonderful animals and learn something about them. Sydney offers several zoos but we decided to visit the interactive Featherdale Wildlife Park. There are mostly only typical Australian animals in this park, [...]

Australia – Get to know the real Sydney with Real Sydney Tours

Sydney is the largest city in Oceania and is said to be the centre of art, culture, entertainment and tourism. The classic photographs of the most famous building - the Opera building - don't keep anyone guessing what city we are talking about. But what is the best way to get to know this Australian city? With a guide of course, one that will take you to the places where only a local could ever take you. Sydney really has [...]

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