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Jordan Travel Guides and Tips

Jordan is known for its rock city and archaeological site of Petra. Many tourists admire the beauty of corps carved into the rocks that line the vast rocky valley. Jordan also has a very rich culture and plenty of monuments from different periods of its history. In a relatively small country, besides the Bedouin burial site of Petra, you can also find the unique Jerash, the former city of Alexander the Great, monuments from the times of the Byzantine Empire, Crusader and Arab castles, or the Biblical Mount Nebo. On the other hand, Jordan also offers stunning nature. In the south of the country is a beautiful Wadi Rum desert, where a lot of movies were shot, such as The Martian. In the north of the country is the lowest point in the world – the Dead Sea, which has the highest salinity in the world. Unfortunately, it dries up quickly, so in the future, there is a risk of losing it completely.

Travel Posts from Jordan

The Ultimate Guide to Lost City of Petra in Jordan

The lost city of Petra in Jordan attracts visitors to explore unique features carved in the rocks. But don’t be mistaken. Although Petra is often referred to as "the ancient city", it is actually a vast burial ground. Our travel guide to Petra will help you get the right practical information that will help you plan your visit city of Petra. The beautiful formations carved into stone are in fact tombs where wealthy and important Nabataeans were [...]

8 Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is most famous for its rock city and the archaeological location of Petra. A lot of tourists get to admire the beauty of the tombs carved in the rocks which line the whole valley. It isn´t very well known though that this country offers much more to visit. Come and see what other gems are hidden in Jordan. The first mentions of inhabiting the area come from early the Neolithic era. Different civilizations lived there since the [...]

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