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Egypt Travel Guides and Tips

Egypt has the longest continuous history within a single, united state. The most important Egyptian civilization lived in this area about 5,000 years ago, leaving behind ancient monuments, which people from all over the world come here to admire. In the North of the country near Cairo, there is a magnificent pyramid of unprecedented proportions, a mysterious sphinx with a human face, and other breath-taking temples. The former capital of Luxor offers a tour of the majestic palaces of Karnak and Luxor, which have been built for thousands of years. On the west bank of the River Nile is the mystical Valley of the Kings, where the mummies of the famous Pharaohs were ready to enter the afterlife. In addition to exploring ancient culture, Egypt offers other diverse activities. A boat trip on the Nile or a balloon flight, or a submarine ride on the Red Sea are just a few of what the local agencies offer. On top of it, the Red Sea has one of the most beautiful seashores full of coral reefs and colourful fish. Lovers of diving and snorkelling will certainly come into their own.

Travel Posts from Egypt

Top 7 Unique Mosques in the World

Religious buildings are among the largest, nicest and most pampered buildings in the world. Islamic sanctuaries are no different. Mosques have always been the centre of religious, political and social life for most Muslims. No matter what period they were built, they were always meant to show God how his builders respected him. There are thousands of larger or smaller mosques in the world. In this article, we want to show you seven unique mosques from around the world. [...]

Why visit Egypt without a tour

If you are thinking of visiting Egypt and looking for the best way to travel, keep reading. We have written the advantages and disadvantages of visiting Egypt without a tour, so you can decide which way is more suitable for you. In general it is perfectly safe solo travel in Egypt. Most tourists heading to Egypt travel with a tours that organizes sightseeing everything. Some beach lovers stay the whole time in one resort. We are used [...]

Visit the mystical Valley of the Kings in Egypt

The Valley of the Kings is one of the most mystical places to visit in Egypt. It was crucial to secure the afterlife in Egypt during their lifetime, so the most powerful people did not hesitate to spend all their money. Visiting beautifully painted tombs will leave a deep mark on every visitor. If you decide to visit the Valley of the Kings, read our article and get the useful information you need to visit the famous Egyptian tombs. [...]

9 Best Activities on What to Do in Luxor in Egypt

Egypt has a very long history and is one of the oldest surviving civilizations in the world. The area of this country is huge, and the most important monuments are located along the Nile. Roughly in the centre is the city of Luxor, which was the capital of Egypt in the New Empire. It was a religious centre of art and science but also a political influence in the days of the New Empire. If you're interested in what to [...]

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