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New Zealand Travel Guides and Tips

New Zealand seems to be on the map far from everything: which country around the world can say that the nearest other state is two thousand kilometres away? But if you ever wander there, you won’t regret it. The great distance of the beautiful islands gives them many unique endemic species of animals and plants, so you will be amazed by such diversity.

Beautiful nature is simply the main asset of this country. The peaks of snow-covered volcanoes gently gaze down on the turquoise-green lakes in the Tongariro National Park. Visitors are fascinated by the millions of luminous larvae that give the impression of a starry sky in the Waitomo Caves. The majestic Franz Josef Glacier passes through a strip of warm rainforest and previously, even led to the sea. The Rotorua geothermal springs drop the pungent smell of cheese, but their fascinating colouring will fill you with wonder. And when you sit on the shores of Lake Wanaka, you will realize that New Zealand is a country that you will like to return.

Travel Posts from New Zealand

Rotorua, a city in New Zealand that stinks

They say that you will smell the city of Rotorua before you get there. The odour of sulphur, which strongly resembles rotten eggs, permeates throughout the city, and it is not easy to get used to. The geothermal activity and hot spring that spring from volcanic rock deep below the earth's surface causes the smell. On the other hand, thanks to the springs, people established spas in here the past to help treat various illnesses. Come with us to check [...]

New Zealand Offers the World’s Unique – Glowing Caves

New Zealand is the only place in the world where you can see a starry sky even during a day. How is it possible? Glowing larvae of mosquitoes living deep in caves create the impression of thousands of bright stars. This is an unique spectacle for tourists from all over the world. Maybe you wonder why these larvae live in the darkness? Glowing caves in New Zealand Cave light is caused by larvae, which then grow into [...]

Tongariro National Park in New Zealand – Welcome to Mordor

Lovers of nature and fantasy stories won’t be disappointed by a visit to New Zealand's Tongariro National Park. There is a mountain on its northern side that by its original name Mt. Ngauruhoe won´t tell you much but when we say, "The Mount Doom", everyone remembers the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tongariro National Park lies on the North Island. It was founded in 1887 and it is the oldest New Zealand park and the fourth oldest [...]

Recipe – Pumpking soup from New Zealand

Pumpkin! In New Zealand, it is an all-season foodstuff and popular Pumpkin Crown can be found in any store for literally a few bucks. I fell in love with a local recipe for pumpkin soup, which is simple and quick to make so I decided to share the recipe. I hope you will try it and let me know how you enjoyed it. Ingredients Pumpkin (butternut or hokkaido) 500 g of bacon 1 cup cooking [...]

Travel guide to New Zealand – information for travelers

Are you going to New Zealand and need to plan your holiday? This brief travelogue of New Zealand offers the basic information that every traveller should have before starting their journey. You will also find links to other quality sites to discover lots of useful information. I hope this interesting place that I visited inspires you. Political situation New Zealand is an independent part of the Commonwealth. It is among the countries with the highest standard [...]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in New Zealand

This is my compilation of the top 10 the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Especially lovers of mountain hiking, deep forests, magically blue lakes, wild nature will appreciate it. I had spent a whole year there, which was enough time to travel the country thoroughly. It was not the easiest thing to pick the most beautiful places, but there were some I liked more than the others. Let’s have a look at them because it is simply beautiful [...]

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