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Oman Travel Guides and Tips

Oman is a desert land of fragrant incense full of beautiful beaches and canyons, lying on the edge of the Persian Gulf. The head of the country is the Sultan, who led his country to significant economic prosperity. There are no skyscrapers in the capital, the Omani really enjoy the traditions and are very conservative. Muscat offers you beautiful mosques, souq and the historic city centre. Oman boasts breath-taking nature with well-maintained Arab fortresses such as Nizwa or Jibreen Castle. Tourists head for huge canyons such as Jabel Samhan or Wadi Ghul. Wadi are dry river beds, somewhere filled with water, which are one of the most beautiful places to swim. You shouldn’t miss the beauty of sandy beaches, which are empty and completely without tourists.

Travel Posts from Oman

Top 7 Unique Mosques in the World

Religious buildings are among the largest, nicest and most pampered buildings in the world. Islamic sanctuaries are no different. Mosques have always been the centre of religious, political and social life for most Muslims. No matter what period they were built, they were always meant to show God how his builders respected him. There are thousands of larger or smaller mosques in the world. In this article, we want to show you seven unique mosques from around the world. [...]

6 Best Countries to Visit in Persian Gulf

Would you like to travel to a beautiful exotic destination, where most tourists have never been? Then head to the Persian Gulf. Here you will find modern cities, beautiful nature and amazing history. Are you wondering why you should go to these Arab countries? Read on about Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE or Oman. The Gulf States have one thing in common. There are high temperatures every year in the summer, and the landscape is mostly desert. [...]

Discover Oman – information for travelers

Looking for an interesting destination which is exotic, undiscovered by tourists and historically interesting? Then go to Oman, a country filled with the smell of frankincense, wonderful beaches, canyons, and oases. You will be welcomed by smiling Arabs, their oriental culture, and warm weather. Here you will find the basic information you need to know before going go to this country - Oman travelogue. Visas - How to Get to Oman Tourist visas can now be [...]

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Oman

While planning a trip to Oman, it was hard to even imagine what interesting attractions, this desert country could offer. We were quite surprised to find how much liveliness can be hidden in a place as bare and parched as a desert. We were captivated by Oman’s traditionalism and the cordiality with which the locals approached us. There are almost no seaside resorts, discos, or places overcrowded with tourists, which makes it a perfect place for learning about Arabic [...]

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