Would you like to travel to a beautiful exotic destination, where most tourists have never been? Then head to the Persian Gulf. Here you will find modern cities, beautiful nature and amazing history. Are you wondering why you should go to these Arab countries? Read on about Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE or Oman.

The Gulf States have one thing in common. There are high temperatures every year in the summer, and the landscape is mostly desert. However, thanks to the rich oil deposits, the residents of this area were able to transform the landscape into a modern skyscraper city. But the Persian Gulf is hiding much more than it may seem at first sight. Come with us to visit the Gulf countries.


Iran is one of the largest states washed by the Persian Gulf. Historically, it is the inheritance of famous Persia, as evidence of this long history is the local language – Persian. There are ancient monuments in the vast territory, including the historic Persepolis with the nearby burial place of Naqsh-e Rustam. Visitors can admire the well-known pink Nasir al Mulk mosque with its beautiful stained-glass windows, the Shah Royal Mosque from 17th-century or the very interesting complex of the three-stage mosque Amir Chakhmaq. On the other hand, the Iran landscape is very nice too. Worth visiting is the desert town of Kashan, which is the centre of the Dasht-e Kavir Desert. If you prefer to stay in the mountains, we recommend visiting the ancient village of Abyaneh. Check out our best places that you shouldn’t miss in Iran.

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Shah Royal Mosque is one of the best examples of Persian architecture


Almost 100 years ago, Kuwait was among the poorest countries in the world. Thanks to oil, it is now a modern country, just like other Gulf countries. Kuwait does not have a very developed tourist sector, so the government is trying to lure visitors on the construction of new museums and attractive hotels. What should you know before going to Kuwait? Visitors can enjoy the magnificent Grand Mosque, an interesting museum of Islamic art, or the view from the famous Kuwait Towers. In addition to culture, the capital also offers a sandy beach or a trip to the nearby island of Failaka. Evenings are ideal for visiting the local oriental market, tasting Arabian tea or staying in the pleasant green parks in the centre of the city. Read more about other things to do in Kuwait.

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You can admire the beauty of night Kuwait from Al Shaheed Park

tom_profilThe easiest way to visit Gulf countries is by plane. Each of these countries has its own big carriers, but it is usually very expensive to use one of them. So, you can choose another local airline – Saudi Airlines. They have many lines from Europe, North America or Asia, and they usually offer cheaper flight tickets to all Middle Eastern countries with one exception. Saudi Airline doesn’t fly to Qatar because of political disagreements.


Qatar was a very poor country before the emergence of oil and gas reserves too. Nowadays, the capital city of Doha is a modern metropolis that offers historic mosques, bazaars, museums and a centre full of skyscrapers. Al-Zubarah desert town is a UNESCO site that remembers the distant past of fishermen and pearl hunters. Also worth mentioning is the city of Al-Wakrah, which has a beautiful old harbour and many historic mosques. In addition to cultural activities, Qatar also offers endless beauty of the sandy landscape and quite unique is Khawr al Udayd in the south of Qatar. This sea is in the middle of a desert surrounded by beautiful dunes, and it has its own ecosystem.

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Centre of Doha is full of skyscrapers.


The Kingdom of Bahrain is the smallest state in the area. The island state consists of another 32 smaller adjacent islands and sea territory. This country is very proud of its cultural heritage and, therefore, Bahrain is a popular tourist destination. Visits to museums, historic fortresses and other attractions are not too expensive. The capital, Manama offers a visit to the most famous local Al Fateh Grand Mosque, as well as the National Museum. The nearby island of Muharraq is connected by several bridges with Manama, and there is the Arad Islamic Fortress. Northwest of the island is full of newly-established resorts and welcomes visitors to sunbathing on the warm sandy beaches.

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Visitors can rest in newly built hotel resorts.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are a federation of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Um al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Sharjah. The capital city is Abu Dhabi, where you can find the most beautiful and famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque. More than half of the population is mostly immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Tourists heading to the UAE prefer to visit Dubai. Tourism here is booming, so Dubai knows what attract its visitors. It has the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, with its more than 800 meters, the huge Dubai Mall, luxury hotels, sandy beaches and plenty of desert trips. Especially high security and a sense of luxury – that’s why tourists from all over the world come here. Be inspired by our photos from the last visit to the UAE.

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Burj Khalifa is nice from every angle.


Oman is a desert land of fragrant incense full of beautiful beaches and canyons, lying on the edge of the Persian Gulf. The head of the country is the Sultan, who led his country to significant economic prosperity. What should you know before visiting Oman? There are no skyscrapers in the capital, the Omani really enjoy the traditions and are very conservative. Muscat offers you beautiful mosques, souq and the historic city centre. Oman boasts breath-taking nature with well-maintained Arab fortresses such as Nizwa or Jibreen Castle. Tourists head for huge canyons such as Jabel Samhan or Wadi Ghul. Wadi are dry river beds, somewhere filled with water, which are one of the most beautiful places to swim. You shouldn’t miss the beauty of sandy beaches, which are empty and completely without tourists. Check out 7 reasons why to visit Oman.

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Swimming in wadi is top activity in Oman.

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