Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer. You can visit many must-see places in Bolivia. This country is full of various traditions, kind people and, at least so far, has not been corrupted by tourism. Here we bring you our list of the 8 best places to visit in Bolivia, which you definitely shouldn’t miss. As travel tips from Bolivia, we include all the recommended (and tested) hotels and hostels of where to stay in Bolivia.

Travelling in Bolivia is very easy and most travellers only pass through the country quickly on the Peru – Bolivia – Chile route. Here is our list of the best places to visit in Bolivia. And if you are also going to Peru, here is our tip for getting safely from La Paz to Cuzco. Don’t forget that half of Bolivia is at high altitude – here are our 5 tips on how to deal with altitude sickness.

1. La Paz

La Paz is the economic and political centre of Bolivia, although Sucre is officially the capital. It’s important to note that La Paz is a large South American metropolis, and you shouldn’t miss a few very unique places here. Stopping at the witch market and a ride in the local cable cars (Mi Teleférico) is almost mandatory for all visitors. The town is set in a small valley at an altitude of between 3 600 and 4 000 meters above sea level and offers countless breathtaking views. La Paz also serves as a good starting point for both short and long trips to the surrounding area. The ones we probably liked the most were the Moon Valley or the bike downhill the famous Death Road. If you want to explore La Paz, you can choose a walking tour starting at $ 3.

Where to stay in La Paz:

Photo from the cable car above La Paz

Photo from the cable car above La Paz

Moon Valley just outside the city of La Paz

Eva in the Moon Valley just outside the city of La Paz

2. Salar de Uyuni

This is probably the most visited place in Bolivia and there isn’t a traveler visiting the country who would miss it. The largest salt plain in the world spreads over an area of 10 000 km2; long ago it used to form the bottom of a large prehistoric lake. The salt plain is truly enormous and absolutely unique. Nothing can prepare you for seeing the vast expanse of brilliantly white salt crust that attacks your every sense. What you should most certainly see is the salt hotel as well as the islands covered with cactuses. In the other direction from the city of Uyuni lies another mandatory stop – the train cemetery, where hundreds of old, rusty locomotives and trains cars lie left to their fate, and it is truly one of the best places to visit in Bolivia.

Read about our 3D/2N tour from Uyuni to visit Salar de Uyuni and much more.

Where to stay in Uyuni:

anorama from the island in the middle of the Uyuni salt plains

Panorama from the island in the middle of the Uyuni salt flats

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flat is appealing to many different photos – Check out our photo ideas for Salar de Uyuni

The Uyuni train cemetery

The Uyuni train cemetery is really huge

3.Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

If you have some time to spare in Uyuni, head out to explore the Reserva Eduardo Avaroa national park. You can combine this trip with a transfer to the Chilean city of San Pedro. There are several differently coloured lagoons waiting for you to discover in the national park – Laguna Verde, Laguna Colorado, Laguna Salada, Laguna Busch and Laguna Hedionda, where visitors are often able to watch thousands of nesting flocks of flamingos. There are also surreal deserts, geysers, and hot springs in which people can bathe day and night – while watching the incredible night sky. It’s however important to expect low temperatures, which may drop to -10°C during the winter nights. The best way to visit these places in Bolivia is during a 3-day tour from Uyuni.

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Laguna Hedionda with Flamingos in Bolivia

Laguna Hedionda with flamingos during a trip from Uyuni

Milky Way Galaxy stars in Bolivia

This was our view at night swimming in thermal springs – the Milky Way Galaxy

4. Potosí

The city of Potosí is situated at an altitude of about 4 000 meters above sea level and is famous for its Cerro Rico Mountain. In the 16th century, Spaniards found a great deal of silver in the mountain, and the city was struck by silver fever. In order to secure enough workers, the Spaniards brought a large number of slaves to the city. Today, most of the silver has been mined already, but there are still more than 800 active mines in the mountain where 5 000-6 000 miners work daily. One of the unique tourist attractions of Potosí is visiting an active mine. It’s a very interesting experience, and we recommend choosing your tour operator very carefully and maybe spending a little more to ensure safety. We chose Big Deal Tours company, and we were satisfied with the mine tour.

Where to stay in Potosí:

Potosi Cerro Rico Boliva

The famous Mount Cerro Rico, towering above Potosí

Potosi Mine Tour in Bolivia

Photo right after we finished the tour in active mine in Potosí

5. Copacabana/Titicaca

The name Copacabana is well-known because of the famous Rio de Janeiro beach, but the original owner of the name is a small town on the shores of the Titicaca Lake with a gorgeous cathedral of the same name. Overlooking the small town is the Cerro Calvario Mountain, which boasts an amazing view of the entire Copacabana and the Titicaca Lake as well. This place has a very pleasant travel atmosphere. Almost everyone who stops here is a traveller going from Cusco to La Paz enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. If you have the time, you mustn’t miss out on a trip to the Isla del Sol and Isla de Luna islands.

Where to stay in Copacabana:
Copacabana beach Bolivia

View from Cerro Calvario to the entire Copacabana

Catedral de la Virgen de la Candelaria in Copacabana Bolivia

The beautiful large cathedral Virgen de la Candelaria

6. Sucre

Sucre is officially the capital of Bolivia and is also sometimes called “The White City.” Sucre has the incredible charm of a colonial Spanish town, so it’s no wonder that since 1991, it has its place on the UNESCO list. When you are in the city, don’t forget to visit the cathedral and the cemetery. Yet the main attraction lies just outside the city. It is a mountain called Cal Orck’o, which is entirely covered with fossilized dinosaur traces. This remarkable paleontological site boasts several of the world’s best. We recommend taking advantage of the free tours, which take place every day from 12 PM to 1 PM. You also can’t miss seeing the eccentric pink Castillo de La Glorieta castle just outside the city.

If you don’t have enough time, visit at least Sucre and Uyuni because they are the best places to visit in Bolivia.

Where to stay in Sucre:

A typical street in Sucre

A typical street in Sucre

Castillo de La Glorieta Sucre Bolivia

Very special private Glorieta Castle is a short walk from the center of Sucre

7. Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The city of Santa Crus is located in the tropical Amazonian part of Bolivia, which is why its climate is much different from all the previous places mentioned. Thanks to its location at the foot of the Andes and pleasant weather, it’s the largest city in Bolivia. That’s why you’ll feel comfortable staying here, like staying in a small town. Santa Cruz is said to be the centre of the Bolivian nightlife, which is why you shouldn’t miss Monseñor Rivero Street. However, if you prefer nature, you should visit the Parque El Arenal or Jardin Botanico parks, and see the local monkeys and sloths.

Where to stay in Santa Cruz de la Sierra:

Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo Santa Cruz

Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo Santa Cruz

8. Cochabamba

The city of Cochabamba is said to be the gourmet metropolis of Bolivia so it’s no wonder that the country’s best restaurants can be found here and the local gastronomical scene is truly very diverse. The city has its own very specific atmosphere and a pleasant climate. Another thing to see is the giant statue of Christ, located on one of the hills around the city, which is actually even slightly larger than the famous statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. We recommend visiting the statue during the weekend when they allow visitors to look inside as well. In addition, you must n’t miss visiting the opulent villa Palacio Portales de Bolivia.

Where to stay in Santa Cruz de la Sierra:

Do you know other great places to visit in Bolivia? Let us know in the comments.

Statue of Christ Cochabamba Bolivia

The giant statue of Christ towers directly over the city

Palacio Portales de Bolivia

Famous Villa Palacio Portales de Bolivia

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8 best places to visit in Bolivia