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Philippines Travel Guides and Tips

In a total of 7641 islands form a complex mosaic of this Asian republic, you will find amazing, unrestrained and exotic nature, where wildly rampant, impenetrable vegetation creates beautiful forests, thousands of years old, that are home to many beautiful animal species. You can look in fascination at the chocolate hills, stand in the shadow of the Taal volcano, the most dangerous volcano in the world, navigate the mysterious underground river of Sabang as ancient explorers, the longest of its kind on the planet, or let yourself be taken away by the wild colours and cheerful mood at one of the many Philippine festivals that make this predominantly Catholic country famous. For example, immerse yourself in the whirl of celebrations and dances at the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, where the locals celebrate Santo Nino, Little Jesus. You will quickly love the friendly and accommodating culture of the locals.

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What comes to your mind, when you hear “Philippines”? For some, it may be beautiful beaches, islands, or palm trees. But for us, it is also churches and the strangest food we have ever tried. Definitely, I will never forget those unbelievably nice people, and also the day when the typhoon swept through the island. Check out our travel photography from the Philippines. We will show you even such places that you would not expect to find in this [...]

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