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Welcome to our blog! We are two travel enthusiasts from the Czech Republic, Eva and Tom. We would like to share our travel experiences with you. We want to inspire you to visit new destinations, teach you how to find cheap air tickets, entertain you with our stories, and show you our captivating photographs. We strongly believe that you will find what you look for here, and maybe even more. We will be glad to receive messages from you because we like meeting new people and making friends with other enthusiasts. Click to learn more about us.

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  • Typical red bus Peru Hop

Traveling in Peru and Bolivia comfortably with Peru Hop buses

25/06/2017|0 Comments

Bus travel in South America can occasionally be quite adventurous. Fortunately, we came across [...]

  • Floating island at Lake Titicaca

Peru – Among the Indians on the floating islands on Lake Titicaca with Findlocaltrips

18/06/2017|0 Comments

Lake Titicaca is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia. Indigenous people who [...]

  • Rainbow Mountains

Peru – Discover the unique Rainbow Mountains in Andes with Findlocaltrips

13/06/2017|0 Comments

If you like trekking through the mountains, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on a [...]

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