Winter is a magical season in the USA, where you’ll find an enchanting array of destinations each with their own unique charm. Whether you’re a snow sports enthusiast or prefer to sip hot chocolate as you visit iconic landmarks, there’s plenty of stunning places to choose from. Here, we take a look at three exceptional locations for an unforgettable winter break in the USA.

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Bear family in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park

Venture into the pristine wilderness of Yellowstone to experience a true winter wonderland. Blanketed in white, the park offers a more tranquil experience now than in the summer months, with fewer crowds and peaceful, quiet trails to explore. Herds of bison and packs of wolves navigate the glistening landscape, while geothermal hot springs surrounded by ice and colourful microbial mats create a world of contrast and raw natural beauty.

Why not embark on a wintery adventure, snowmobiling through the park’s majestic expanses? Or, for a slower pace, opt for a snowshoe or skiing tour of the most captivating and impressive viewpoints in Yellowstone. Nestled within the Rocky Mountains, this impeccable national park is one not to be missed on your winter break in the USA.

Far away from the city lights, the night sky in Yellowstone is simply breathtaking. With crisp, clean air and low humidity, the clarity is perfect for stargazing. When staying overnight, it’s safest to sleep at a designated campsite due to the large grizzly bear population in the park, but backcountry camping permits can be obtained.

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Snow covered Central Park in NYC

New York

The city that never sleeps transforms during winter, and it feels like stepping inside a festive snow globe where iconic landmarks glitter and twinkle under cascades of thick white snow. From the towering Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center to the spectacular holiday markets in Union Square and Bryant Park, it’s impossible not to be seduced by the festive spirit in New York.

Central Park becomes a frozen yet inviting escape from the bustling city, with ice skating, carriage rides and plenty of gentle paths to be found winding through the snowy scenery. Of course, a trip to the Big Apple couldn’t be complete without experiencing the magic of Broadway – which only becomes more captivating over winter. Expect world-class theatre shows, heartwarming musicals and plenty of holiday-themed plays to be on offer in Times Square.


If you’re staying in New York to welcome in the new year, be sure not to miss the famous ball drop, and position yourselves in one of the many rooftop bars and restaurants to get a front-row seat to the magnificent firework display at midnight.

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Grand Teton National Park at sunset

Jackson Hole

Deep in the valley of the Teton Range, Jackson Hole is the place to go for a memorable skiing experience complete with Western charm. Featuring challenging drops of over 4,000 ft, thrill-seekers can take on the slopes and chutes; whilst those who enjoy the sport at a slower pace can meander through the more gentle pistes and take in the impressive scenery.

The quaint town of Jackson is nothing if not welcoming. Be sure to explore the delightful blend of boutiques, art galleries and restaurants in Jackson Town Square, where the Old West comes to life once more. At nightfall, the après-ski scene is vibrant, as locals and tourists alike gather to unwind, drink and enjoy live music in the rustic bars.

After conquering the slopes, you can also choose to relax in the natural hot springs of the snowy landscape, with the mighty Teton Mountains as your backdrop. With its serenity and fun-loving atmosphere, Jackson Hole is one of those destinations that lingers in your heart for years to come.

Unforgettable memories

Whether you’re intrigued by the natural wonders of Yellowstone, are keen to experience the festivities of New York City, or want to immerse yourself in the cowboy-esque allure of Jackson, each of these destinations promises a winter break filled with unforgettable memories.