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USA Travel Guides and Tips

Every nature lover will appreciate travelling in the United States. The United States is a very modern and safe country, so many visitors come to the states every year. It offers stunning national parks with unique nature and rich developed cities. The best way to travel around the USA is to rent a car or RV and head out on your way. You can find information easily on every corner. The United States includes the adjacent Hawaiian Islands, which are the farthest islands from the land, located in the middle of the ocean. They are expensive for each traveller; nevertheless, visiting Hawaii is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Apart from beautiful beaches, Hawaii offers a unique volcanic activity.

Travel Posts from USA

6 Best Tips What to Do in Florida

A trip to the state of Florida is a luxury vacation where you will fulfil all your wishes. Year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches with palm trees, convertible rides, visits to national or amusement parks... and much more. Florida is one of the most luxurious and exotic places in the US where you can please all your senses. However, it is not cheap. Looking for the best tips what to do in Florida? Then read on. 1. Drive on [...]

Las Vegas – Entertainment Capital in the Desert

Fantastic fun in the middle of the desert? This is synonymous with the stunning American metropolis of Las Vegas, a famous city of millions of lights that stretches in Nevada in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Legend says that a caravan of merchants from Mexico camped in this area around 1829. Of course, they were also looking for water, and one of the group members discovered a green oasis after several days of searching. This gave rise [...]

NYC Sightseeing Pass – How to Save on New York Admission

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world, yet millions of visitors visit it every year. It is one of the largest cities in North America, so if you spend a few weeks in New York City, you will still have something to do. Now you can save a lot of money on the various attractions the city has to offer during your stay. The NYC Sightseeing Pass will help. If you're wondering how [...]

Sequoia National Park – the biggest trees in the world

Are you an adventurous soul? Are you still in the hunt for the perfect holiday place? Would you dare to face a bear? Do you want to climb a mountain or swim in a crystal-clear lake? If your answer is YES, search no more - Sequoia National Park in the USA is the perfect place for your adventurous soul!  Fact: The size of a park is 1635 km2, which makes it the second biggest national park in [...]

USA – Visit the Stunning Valleys in Zion National Park

The first people who explored what we now call Zion National Park were only probably searching for food. However, nowadays visitors come here for very different reasons, the beautifully coloured rocks, mountains and deep valleys of one of the most visited parks in the USA. Come to take a walk through this magical valley with us. The area of Zion National Park has been developing for millions of years and so no visitor should rush their stay [...]

USA – Bryce Canyon is a must-see place in Utah

Bryce Canyon, located in southern Utah, is one of the most interesting National Parks in the USA, and despite its tiny size, it can offer a lot. Bryce Canyon is surprisingly not a canyon at all; it is rather a gallery of natural amphitheatres. Frost and tough wind conditions have created a unique area filled with strange rock formations. The main sights of Bryce Canyon National Park are rock towers, also known as “Hoodoos.” These strange formations were created millions [...]

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