The first people who explored what we now call Zion National Park were only probably searching for food. However, nowadays visitors come here for very different reasons, the beautifully coloured rocks, mountains and deep valleys of one of the most visited parks in the USA. Come to take a walk through this magical valley with us.

The area of Zion National Park has been developing for millions of years and so no visitor should rush their stay to see the local nature. If you are interested in more difficult trails in the mountains or you are rather looking for a calm stroll, Zion is always a great choice. As high as 2 thousand meters above the sea level where the canyons are crossing, you can find trails of different difficulties, from comfortable sidewalks to narrow passages between the rainbow-like rocks. Zion belongs to the oldest national parks in the entire country, it was founded in 1919 and first visited by Mormon refugees who said it was near the throne of God.

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Zion offers stunning views of the surrounding ladscape

You can find a wide choice of trails in the park. One of the best canyon hikes is “The Narrows”, with narrow passages and wading through shallow rivers make it perfect for the hot summer days. Another trail which is world renowned is “Canyon Overlook”, one of the favourites for photographers as it has amazing scenery and perfect views of the park. An easier trailer with gentle slopes is “Emerald Pools”, leading to sparkling waterfalls and great views of Lady mountain, the great white throne and Red Arch mountain.

Where is the park and how to get there

Zion National park is three hours away from Salt Lake City airport, an airport with many connects from all over the US so it is pretty easy to visit the park. Another option is to drive straight from Las Vegas and combine the trip to the national parks with seeing one of the top party cities in America. Let be inspired by our road trip across the Southwest of the United States.

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Zion in Hebrew means “a sacred place”

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The canyon plays all colors depending on the light

Camping in Zion Park

Zion has three campgrounds in various areas of the park, allowing you to see different parts of the park overnight. Parking is permitted but it is necessary to pre-book, as even by morning the camp can be full so preparing well for your trip is the key. A great suggestion is Watchman Campground, just around 500 metres from the south entrance. If you decide to travel to America on your own, you need to borrow own car – we recommend looking for a rental car on or

Angel’s landing

One of the world-renowned hikes which you are going to remember forever, definitely add it to your bucket list when visiting Zion National Park. The views of the canyon which is millions of years old are magical. Anyone in average condition should be able to comfortably walk the hike but it isn´t recommended for children as there are parts with chains to hold. Make sure you have proper shoes and enjoy the trail in spring and summer thanks to comfortable weather for your walk, as taking the trip in winter may be tricky.

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The Angels Landing Trail offers an adventurous climb to the summit

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