Fantastic fun in the middle of the desert? This is synonymous with the stunning American metropolis of Las Vegas, a famous city of millions of lights that stretches in Nevada in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

Legend says that a caravan of merchants from Mexico camped in this area around 1829. Of course, they were also looking for water, and one of the group members discovered a green oasis after several days of searching. This gave rise to an important stop on a trade route to Los Angeles, which was given the Spanish name Las Vegas, translated “meadows.” The Pearl of the Desert, as the city has also sometimes been called, began to flourish to become a vibrant oasis of mostly nightlife after the Second World War.

The city has several attractions for its visitors, the most famous is the Las Vegas Boulevard, known as The Strip. Numerous hotels, casinos and entertainment resorts are scattered along nearly 7 kilometres of the street. Hotel Luxor is built in the shape of the famous Cheops Pyramid, guarded by the Sphinx, which is about 30 meters higher than the Egyptian original. There is also the Statue of Liberty at the New York Hotel, which stands proudly, Little Venice with canals and gondola rides at the Venetian Hotel, or even the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Hotel. From the tower on the 46-storey building is an incredible 360-degree view of the entire Strip and the city itself. Each of the hotels competes for the greatest interest and attention and tries to attract visitors to all kinds of activities.

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Hotel Venetian looks like a real Venice

Staying at any hotel itself promises fun, as most of them hold their shows, the Bellagio has a spectacular singing and dancing fountain for its guests. You can relax in the botanical gardens and spa. Interestingly, the hotel, with its 3,933 rooms, accommodates more guests than the population of the town of Bellagio in Italy.

A world-famous water playground has been built in the middle of the arid desert. The 4.5-hectare Mandala Bay has a massive water world built with beautiful beaches, pools with wave-making mechanisms, beach bars and even a lagoon. The hotel also features a gigantic aquarium, which is open to the public on the property. There are dozens of sharks, rays and other fish swimming in it. The whole project is accredited and cooperates with international biologists to protect endangered species.

Walking all day in Las Vegas, tourists want to enjoy the local model and experience the excitement this metropolis brings. For example, the Rio Wine Cellar is a Brazilian-style casino where you can taste wine up to $3 million!

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The night view of the Las Vegas Strip is incredible

Incredibly tasty meals are available at Hell’s Kitchen by world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay. The luxurious restaurant is in Caesars Palace and can accommodate about 300 guests. Trendy Place is one of the hottest restaurants across the United States. Signature dishes on the menu are Wellington beef, famous Hell’s burger or caramel dessert.

In Las Vegas, music lovers, shows and circus performers will come into their own. Most of the resident musicians perform at the Park Theatre, which has impressive 5,200 seats. Some artists have kept their concert performances for many years because of their immense popularity. The most successful was Elvis Presley, who played 837 concerts. Contemporary faces include artists, such as Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Elton John and Lady Gaga.

Besides gambling, entertainment and shopping, weddings are Las Vegas specialities. Couples in love come here from all over the world to get married. There are no limits to imagination, you can have your wedding in a small romantic chapel or wherever you think. An impressive 120,000 weddings a year, around 300 a day, take place here. Las Vegas is also known as the wedding factory.

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Photo in front of the chapel where we had a wedding

From Las Vegas Boulevard to the Grand Canyon is about 400 kilometres, so guests like to make a trip by car or even better by helicopter. Seeing a marvellous natural wonder at least once is a lifetime experience. The canyon dates back approximately 5 to 70 million years, but, in any case, a massive canyon and the flowing Colorado River is a spectacular sight, especially from the air.

Las Vegas – Sin City, a Gambling Capital of the World, “What happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas.” We hope you have enjoyed with us at least a virtual visit to the world’s most entertaining desert oasis.