Las Vegas is a city in the American West, famous for its lively nightlife, gambling, but also crazy wedding ceremonies. Drunken weddings in Vegas are a grateful subject of many American films and people from all over the world travel here to get married. That’s why we decided one day that we’d try it out ourselves; after all, Vegas would be the perfect place for the marriage of two people as enthusiastic about travel as we are.

Vegas is actually something like a wedding factory, so expect an absolutely professional service. We didn’t have any time to plan the wedding and actually couldn’t even imagine everything that had to be arranged. There are dozens of chapels in the city itself, offering a wide variety of different wedding packages. You can get married practically anywhere; there are no limits to your imagination. There is a wedding where you don’t even have to step out of the car, a ceremony in a helicopter or a classic wedding in a decorated chapel. We decided on a classic wedding with Vegas Weddings, because of their star rating on TripAdvisor.

Chapel of Vegas Wedding

Chapel of Vegas Wedding

At the reception, a very nice lady took us under her wing and helped us choose a place for our wedding as well as all the services that we wished to include in the package. The basic package includes a limousine with a driver, flowers, music, photographer, marriage officiant and even the witnesses if needed. She talked over all the details with us and advised us on how and where we should complete all the necessary paperwork. The whole thing took us over two hours. Now all that was left to do was wait for the H-hour.

Our wedding at Las Vegas

Our wedding at Las Vegas

We have to say that it completely exceeded our expectations. Even though we only chose the basic package, we were treated in a friendly and professional manner by the staff. Our wedding was very romantic; everything went smoothly and without any unnecessary stress. Foreigners who do not speak English at all can still have a Vegas wedding because everything is tailored to their needs.

Tom with friends

Tom with friends

At the agreed time, a gorgeous white limousine picked us and our friends up. The driver was very pleasant and the drive around Vegas was a fun experience. We reached the chapel with time to spare so we could get ready for everything. Meanwhile, we met the reverend and our photographer. The ceremony itself was very moving and the reverend spoke impressively; his speech took our breath away. When we kissed, the photographer’s job began. It was obvious that he was a real professional; he moved us exactly where he needed us. The photos were done the very next day, so we could pick them up immediately.

White limousine brought us to the chapel

A white limo brought us to the chapel

Right after the ceremony, the driver of the limousine took us where we wanted to go and the fun could start. Vegas is the perfect place for celebrations of any kind; you are not bored for a minute. The local hotels literally try their hardest to attract the most attention and visitors. Amusement parks, huge casinos, luxury restaurants, clubs and bars, huge megalomaniac shows. All of this and more can be experienced only in Las Vegas.

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Vegas is full of luxury restaurants

Vegas is full of luxury restaurants

eva_profilThe ceremony itself wasn’t too long, but it made a few of our friends cry nevertheless. Our wedding with Vegas Wedding wasn’t very opulent or grand; it was most important for us two. Still, the staff made us feel exceptional and important – as if that day belonged to just us two and we should enjoy it. It was truly an unforgettable day and I’d like to give my thanks to everyone who participated in it.

Our wedding with Vegas Weddings

Our wedding with Vegas Weddings


Address: 555 S 3rd St.  Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: 702-WEDDING (702 933-3464)

Las Vegas Strip at night

Las Vegas Strip at night

Thanks to Vegas Wedding for support during our visit in Las Vegas. All our views are based on our own experience.

Our wedding photographer was very good

The photographer from Vegas Wedding was very good

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