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Cambodia Travel Guides and Tips

Angkor Wat. A monumental and mysterious temple complex whose reflection glitters in the surface of adjacent lakes. Angkor wat and nearby temples are surrounded by wild and hard to penetrate jungle. While this mysterious architecture is full of spiritual symbolism, it would be a mistake not to explore other corners of beautiful Cambodia. Jump into a kayak in Kratie on the Mekong among the endangered freshwater dolphins. Visit the retired elephant in Sen Monorom and admire the wild vegetation and tens of meters high waterfalls in the Cardamon Mountains. On the other hand, you can see in silent horror the sights of the bestial atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and their bloodthirsty leader, Pol Pot, such as the murder fields and the Tuol Sleng Prison in the capital of Phnom Penh. You will learn more about the perverted ideals of this insane party, which ended the lives of nearly two million people and traumatized the whole country for decades. You can relax on the tropical beaches of Koh Rong Island, which have not yet been discovered by mass tourism, where you can admire the luminous plankton in the evening.

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