Have you ever thought about what is the best diet while staying in the jungle? What to cook when you are on a demanding hike through the forest and need something that is easy to make but nutritious at the same time? This is my favorite bamboo soup recipe. It is perfect for anyone who is fed up with ramen and is not fond of packing much cookware.

What you will need

  • A machete (for cutting bamboo stalks)

  • Hollow bamboo
  • Rice
  • Potable water
  • Spice: chili, garlic, salt, pepper
  • Vegetable: cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, komatsuna, perilla (a leaf vegetable)
  • Salt and pepper
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Preparation of bamboo


The first step is the most difficult but also the most fun one to do. It is important to find appropriately grown piece of bamboo. The plant should be juicy, green, 1 meter high and thick (with a radius of 3 cm). Cut it right below the joint, so that the bottom of the stalk is closed. Leave the other end open. If you are skillful, you can also try to make cups, as we did.

Meanwhile, set the fire. Then wash the vegetables and slice it, add spice to your liking. Pour a little bit of water into the bamboo, and add all the other ingredients, one by one. Then, place the bamboo stick into the fire carefully. It is important to let the ingredients boil properly. At high temperatures, bamboo starts to release the juice, which gives the meal a specific taste. When the rice is cooked and soft, you can take the stick out of the fire and serve. Best served under the open sky.

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Cooking bamboo in a fire