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Indonesia Travel Guides and Tips

Over 17,000 islands and a wide variety of cultures that populate them make Indonesia a country to return to and always discover something new. From minarets soaring to heaven like the clasped hands of a praying man to Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and the mysterious animist cults of indigenous tribes, such as the Asmat of New Guinea. All this in a landscape that could be a dictionary interpretation of the term “diversity.”

Endless beaches are reminiscent of a tropical paradise, wild fauna and flora, which, for example, in Bali hides a lot of dizzyingly high waterfalls. In Java, sometimes, the sky over the endless rice fields is smoky, rising from the volcanic complex Kwah Ijen, whose highest peak rise to an incredible height of 2799 m. If you ascend to the top, you will find a lake in the crater coloured in the unearthly colour of turquoise and intensive sulfur mining at its edge. In Borneo, you will visit the second oldest rain forest in the world, which is shrinking rapidly due to human activity. Or you can go to another of the thousands of Indonesian islands and just discover.

Travel Posts from Indonesia

The Beautiful Island of Bali – The TOP 8 Activities you shouldn’t miss

Bali is a magical place that is totally unique in its culture and religion. You will find nothing like that anywhere else in the world. More Western tourists are settling permanently on this tiny island in the middle of Indonesia, and it’s quite understandable. This island does not only attract tourists with its beautiful beaches, but also with an atmosphere that can not be described; it must be experienced. So read more about what not to miss in Bali and [...]

Enjoy our butterfly collection

Butterflies are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful insects on our planet. People have been fascinated by them for centuries. How is it possible that out of an ordinary ugly caterpillar hatches something so beautiful and elegant? We belong among the admirers of this fascinating insect – although not running behind with a net and pin, but with a camera. Did you know that the butterfly, once hatched, lives for about 10 days and then dies? It spends most of [...]

Indonesia – To the bottom of the crater of active volcano Kawah Ijen

Java, the island of Indonesia, takes pride in two unique things. One of them can be found in the western corner of the country – a very unusual way of sulfur production at the bottom of the active crater of the volcano Kawah Ijen. Another one is the most highly acidic lake in the world. It was created in the crater when the rain and sulfur vapors mixed. The image of this place is fixed in my mind like [...]

The Day when Demons Swarm – The New Year’s Celebrations in Bali

Forget about lively parties. The Balinese are forbidden to make noise or leave their houses. Traditionally, they retire to their homes and pretend there is no living soul on the island. I have had the pleasure to witness this tradition and I must say that the experience was extraordinary.  When I landed at the international airport in Bali on March 30, it was my first-ever visit of Southeast Asia. During my way to the [...]

Indonesia – Turtle Islands You Won’t Find on Map

Even nowadays, there are places on Earth which cannot be entered without permission of the local authorities. I have had an opportunity to become a volunteer in an organization called Konservasi Biota Laut Berau. During my travels around Indonesia, I visited islands near Borneo where a turtle rescue center is located. The organization fights for saving lives of endangered turtle species. The green sea turtle is one of them. Here goes the story of human effort to save these [...]

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