The Amazon Rainforest spreads over a vast area and is the place with the largest collection of living plants and animal species on our planet. The rainforest is inseparably linked to the Amazon River, the longest river in the world, which during the rainy season spills into the surrounding area. Visiting the Amazonia is truly an unforgettable experience and one that will stay with you for a very long time.

For our trip to Peru, we chose to use the services of the company Jacamar Lodge Expedition, which arranges accommodation and tours to the Amazonia. They offer accommodation including meals right in the rainforest, as well as tours to the surrounding area. We have spent exactly 3 days/2 nights in the rainforest and it was the perfect length of stay. We recommend agreeing on everything right in the office and paying for the whole package including all the activities right then and there. If you do that, you won’t have to worry about anything later and will be able to simply enjoy the real jungle atmosphere. We were actually very surprised at how relaxing and calming could a stay in the rainforest be.

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Relaxation in the Amazon Forest

Our English-speaking guide’s name was Junior and he took care of us throughout our stay. We learned that he comes from an Indian tribe living in the jungle; the rainforest is a true home for them. He kept surprising us with his knowledge about all the plants and animals we came across. We could ask him anything that came into our minds at any moment and Junior would have an answer for us. The trips were expertly organised and everything worked out exactly as we agreed on.

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Our guide Junior

tom_profilThe atmosphere in the rainforest was really relaxed and friendly. Everyone got along – our guides, cooks and also the individual travellers, who came to experience the jungle as we did. We went for several trips together and had a lot of fun.

Experiencing the Amazon rainforest in a canoe or on your feet

The most important means of transport in the Amazonia is a boat. To get where you need to go you’ll often be travelling by one. Among the activities offered by Jacamar Lodge Expedition are for example canoeing trips through the trees as well as a trek into the rainforest itself. These gave us the opportunity to see the various kinds of plants and trees from close proximity. During the boat ride, we were able to watch monkeys and birds, jumping around in the branches of the tallest trees. We saw toucans, as well as kingfishers and Junior, showed us huge river lilies – ones that can grow up to two meters in size. When we stepped out of the canoe, he led us to an enormous tree that looked just like the ones in the Avatar movie. On the way there, he pointed out a huge termite mound and found several large centipedes.

Fishing – catching piranhas

Our favourite activity was fishing, especially catching piranhas. We got to the place where these fish can usually be found by a boat and using a simple fishing rod with a line and a hook, we began to fish. Our guides prepared pieces of monkey meat for us that we used to lure the fish. It wasn’t as easy as it first seemed though. Still, we had a lot of fun and the cooks later served all the fish that we managed to catch for dinner.

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Hunting the piranha was not that simple, but we succeeded

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Piranha on the plate tastes fantastic

Visiting the reservation and dolphin watching

During the visit to the sanctuary, we had an opportunity to cuddle a sloth and see several other animal species that stay in the reservation such as spider monkeys, ancient turtle and enormous python. The reservation operates as a rescue station, so all the animals that stay there can leave at any moment. Immediately after visiting the reservation, we set out to watch the river dolphins. These are pink and grey dolphins living in the Amazon River with a very specifically shaped snout. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to see them. However, we didn’t mind at all and enjoyed a refreshing swim in the Amazon River during a magical sunset instead.

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Eva cuddles with the sloth

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Meet the prehistoric turtle

Visiting an Indian village

The Indian village we visited was really impressive. Junior – our guide – explained that Indian tribes have been living in the Amazonia following their traditional way of life for many centuries. At present, the government is providing basic education and lessons of Spanish for their children, who couldn’t go to school otherwise. Still, there are tribes in the Amazonia, which are trying hard to prevent any contact with the outside world and don’t let any white people come near them. During our visit to the village, we tried out the blowpipe, which is a type of weapon that Indians use to hunt animals. It’s actually just a hollow tube, through which they fire poisonous darts directly into the prey. The Indians use a combination of poisons that can be found in the rainforest. The projectile itself is absolutely silent so it doesn’t startle any other animals in the vicinity and the hunter has a greater chance of hitting more animals.

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Visit of the Indian Village

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Tom is testing the blowpipe

The Night Amazon Jungle

A night ride through the jungle has its own unique charm. We admired our two guides, who were able to spot various animals for us even in the dark. Probably the most impressive experience was visiting a place where poisonous tarantulas can be found. Junior let one of them crawl on his body and we had the opportunity to do the same. Indeed, there were only a few brave people who willingly picked up a poisonous spider and let it crawl over them.

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You have to be careful when it comes to poisonous spiders

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Tom let the tarantula ride

Nowadays, active deforestation of rainforests is a pressing issue, which causes irreparable damage. Cutting down trees for the purpose of gathering wood or creating farmland changes not only the local landscape but also the environment of our whole planet. However, the ever-growing population has to be fed somehow. These are serious problems that the rainforest has to face and probably will face in the future as well, which is why if you’re considering visiting, you should do so as soon as possible.

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The accommodation at the Jacamar Lodge Expedition was very pleasant


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Jacamar bird – as symbol Jacamar Lodge Expedition

Thanks to Jacamar Lodge Expedition for support during our visit to Peru. All our views are based on our own experience.

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