No matter if you are just going on a weekend trip in Europe or a few months to Southeast Asia, you will surely like our list of the best travel apps. We both use Android, but you can use all the apps on iOS too.

Nowadays, modern technology makes life much easier for all. If you have a smartphone, we recommend that you start using travel mobile apps that will make your journeys much easier. The market offers a wide range of apps; some are unnecessary, but others are worth using. We have prepared a list of the best travel planning apps that we have tried, and which have worked out for us.

Best Booking Transportation apps:

  • Skyscanner

Skyscanner is our most favourite flights searching app, and increasingly also for finding a car rental. The app uses the same algorithm as the web version. You can set up flight price tracking, find the cheapest deadline on a clear chart, or get inspired by cheap deals to different destinations. Don’t miss our tips on how to buy flights tickets cheaply.

Download Skyscanner app for Android or iOS.

Skyscanner Aplikace

  • Kiwi

Kiwi has come up with a unique search algorithm and has combined flight tickets into one working itinerary. Currently, in their app, you can already link flight tickets with bus or train tickets. As a result, you can buy flight tickets + bus/train tickets at the same time to your final destination, in order to have a good connection between different kinds of transportation.

Download Kiwi app for Android or iOS.

Kiwi App

  • Uber / Grab / Bolt / Lyft / atd

Nowadays, there is no need to introduce mobile apps for ordering a taxi, and it isn’t just Uber. We no longer use a classic taxi on our travels. All we need is Wi-Fi in the hotel or at the airport, and we’ll avoid haggling with taxi drivers very easily. We mainly use three apps: Uber, Bolt (formerly Taxify) and Grab. Thanks to this combination, we can order a taxi in about 15 countries on 5 continents during the past few years.

Download travel apps Uber for Android or iOS; Grab for Android or iOS; Bolt for Android or iOS; Lyft for Android or iOS.

Uber, Grab, Bolt

Best Travel Booking Apps:

  • Booking

The fundamental and best app for booking accommodation. We have been using Booking for many years to book hotels and to manage our reservations. You never need to print a booking confirmation again, just show it on the phone. In the travel app, you will also find contacts and a map to the hotel and all the necessary information. Check out our tips on how to book hotels cheaply.

Download Booking Travel Deals app for Android or iOS.

Booking App

  • Airbnb

Airbnb offers a great opportunity to stay with locals and learn about their culture. Recently Airbnb has begun to offer, in addition to booking accommodation, also booking experiences in the area and finding local restaurants. Their application is very fast, clear, and you can simply filter and book everything. Of course, you can see and edit existing reservations in the app. If you aren’t using Airbnb yet, read our tips on getting started with Airbnb.

Download Airbnb apps for Android or iOS.

Airbnb Travel App

  • Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing offers a free overnight stay at any host anywhere in the world. The mobile app of the same name is used to search for suitable candidates. However, we have proved to be a great communication channel with hosts. In addition, you can meet other travellers who are heading to the same location as you. Don’t know about Couchsurfing? Read what Couchsurfing is and how to use it.

Download Couchsurfing App for Android or iOS.

Couchsurfing app

Best Travel Planning Apps:

  • PackPoint

With this travel app, packing luggage will never be a stressful matter again. You specify a destination where you are heading and the date of your trip to PackPoint. Then, based on the activities you plan to do, the app will create a list of things to pack. The list of things is automatically adjusted to the weather or the time of year you travel. You can also reduce the number of things by choosing the option that you can wash clothes on the way.

Download PackPoint Apps for Android or iOS.

PackPoint App

  • GetYourGuide

With this mobile app, you can buy a trip or ticket to an attraction in almost any destination. With a wide range of GetYourGuide, you save a lot of time, money and worries. You can buy a trip directly or just manage your reservations. The most important is the QR code in the reservation that works as a ticket or voucher. Read the GetYourGuide detailed description and why it is convenient to use it.

Download GetYourGuide App for Android or iOS.

GetYourGuide app

  • Duolingo

If you booked a vacation in advance, it is ideal to start with the basic knowledge of the language of the country you are headed to. Duolingo is a simple tool that can help you learn a language quickly from the very beginning. You can choose from over 30 different languages, including Klingon (ideal for Star Trek fans).

Download Duolingo App for Android or iOS.

Duolingo app

Best While Traveling apps:

  • Google Trips

This is a relatively new travel app from Google that can pull out all your bookings from your email – hotels, air tickets, car reservations, etc. All data are saved, and then you can simply use it offline, including maps or phone numbers. In addition, you can also prepare specific daily plans in the app, including attractions or restaurants around your hotel.

Download Google Trips Apps for Android or iOS.

Google Trips App

  • Google maps

This mobile travel app probably needs no introduction, and every Android user has it installed on their phone from the manufacturer. Google Maps work great online, and you can also download the areas you need offline. Then they can be used on the go without the Internet, including navigation.

Download Google Maps Apps for Android or iOS.

Google Maps App

  • Google Translate

We’ve tried a lot of different translation apps, but we always come back to Google Translate. Since the big update in 2018, you can use the offline app with downloaded languages. All you must do is to enter whole sentences or just take a picture. Voice translations work great, but unfortunately, this can be only used in online mode.

Download Google Translate for Android or iOS.

Google Translator App

  • XE Currency

XE Currency is a very simple mobile app that quickly converts almost any currency to other multiple currencies. You can download the exchange rates you need in advance and then use them offline. All you have to do is enter the amount, and you will immediately know how much it is in dollars, euros, yen, etc.

Download XE Currency Apps for Android or iOS.

XE Converter App

  • NordVPN

In some countries, some sites may be blocked, including Google or Facebook. You can work around all restrictions by using VPN (Virtual Private Network). With VPN connectivity, you also encrypt your data, which is good to use when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network in restaurants or hotels. Our favourite provider is NordVPN because they have servers all over the world. On the other hand, their services are not free, but it is not too expensive, and you can use one account for up to 6 devices.

Download NordVPN App for Android or iOS.

NordVPN App

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