Nowadays, with the internet, it’s easy to book any tour from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world in a few minutes. GetYourGuide is one of the companies which allows you to choose from thousands of different trips, almost anywhere in the world. This saves you time and trouble searching in local agencies, and you won’t have to negotiate the price. Read our GetYourGuide review and find out the advantages and disadvantages.

Based on our personal experience with GetYourGuide. This is not a paid advertisement.

Get to know GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is an internet company founded in Germany, which has worldwide coverage. It is an internet platform which combines trips, activities, tickets and other tours from different agencies on one website. GetYourGuide benefits from the mutual advantage of businesses and agencies being able to offer their services through its network and users have easier access to a variety of activities. GetYourGuide is a mediator between customers and providers, which is important. While end-users have this service for free, agencies pay a percentage of their income. They also developed a great mobile app (iOS and Android), so you can book tours both through your PC and your mobile. Check out other travel mobile apps that we use.

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With GetYourGuide is easier to get to trips that you would not have even dreamed of going through before

Except for different tours and activities, you can use other services which GetYourGuide offers. These include, for example, the Skip the line tickets, where, for an additional fee, you will be given the right to overtake other participants in the queue at a specific attraction

How GetYourGuide works

Even after the mass use of the internet, it was hard to arrange a tour or buy tickets from home. Sometimes, it was even difficult to find out only the price. In general, GetYourGuide is bypassing local agencies or looking for information about trips in different accommodation facilities.

Thanks to GetYourGuide and similar services, you can now arrange everything from the comfort of your home. You know in advance how much it will cost you because the company guarantees the lowest prices on the market. If you can find the same trip for an even lower price, the company will pay you the difference in price. Except for the lowest prices, GetYourGuide is trying to guarantee also the most quality services. If the company isn’t satisfied with one of their agencies, they terminate the cooperation with them.    

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With GetYourGuide you can easily find activities that can be done in every location

Advantages of GetYourGuide

  •  A quality online browser where you can compare different tours in the same location
  • Every tour has a review from people who have tried it before you.
  • Online booking saves you time and troubles.
  • Last minute booking.
  • Very good coverage of European countries.
  • 24/7 phone and email support.
  • Perfect mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • As for the credibility, the company has an excellent rating – just look at GetYourGuide reviews at Trustpilot.

Disadvantages of GetYourGuide

  • Compared to competitors, they have worse coverage of activities in some non-European countries, but this is improving rapidly.
  • You don’t know the exact operator in advance, but you can easily avoid the worst ones by looking at the negative rating and reviews.
  • For some activities, you still need to bring a printed ticket.

It is best to try GetYourGuide on your own:

How to book activities and tours around the world via GetYourGuide

The advantage of GetYourGuide is the wide selection of tours and different activities which you can find here – from narrated tours of the city, excursions to selected restaurants to various adrenaline experiences. Let’s look at how to book an activity anywhere from home, literally within five minutes.

Specification of the location

All activities are sorted by location in the system, so you can search in a specific city, district or country. The webpage offers other filters which you can specify – a selection of languages or duration of the trip (from several hours to days). Don’t forget to specify a time span in the filter to see which tours meet your time requirements.

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Activity selection

If you decide to book a tour or activity, always check out all the information and individual reviews on tour details. It is good to know what you can expect, the impressions of other participants to avoid any disappointment. If you see a label for your activity “Certified by GetYourGuide,” then you can be sure that this is a really proven and quality attraction. Next, find out if you need the ticket to be printed or just confirmation on your smartphone.

For each activity, there should be information about what you are paying for and what isn’t included in the price. Most organizers offer the option of cancelling a tour. Finally, be sure to check whether the company will pick you up at a hotel, or you need to head for the meeting point. A map is always available on the website.

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Booking and payment on GetYourGuide

Once you’ve finally chosen a tour, you need to book it. Fortunately, GetYourGuide is very simple. You can filter the date, time and language; then you can continue to the payment. On the next screen, you fill in all your billing information, and most importantly, fill in your email correctly. You will get their confirmation and voucher, which you have to prove at the begging of your chosen tour. Then you just select a method of payment, and that’s it. Since GetYourGuide is a large international company, it uses secured payments so you don’t have to worry about filling in your credit card details.

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Several important policies for all financial operations:

  • GetYourGuide doesn’t charge any booking fees.
  • If the tour is cancelled by the operator, you will always receive all your money back.
  • Cancelling is possible up to 24 hours before the start of the activity on most tour.
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Competitive Companies GetYourGuide

There are many similar companies on the internet that offer the same services as GetYourGuide. Although it is the same service, the differences between the other companies are crucial. In addition to their size, companies differ primarily in locations where they offer trips and tours. We’ve had good experience with FindLocalTrips, which offers tours primarily in South America. Recently Airbnb has begun to sell activities which primarily offers accommodation. We expect that Booking. itself will soon offer tours too. Nevertheless, GetYourGuide has strong competitors in the market today – especially Klook and Viator.


Klook also offers tours to the whole world. Since it is based in Singapore, it isn’t surprising that it is the strongest player in Asia. You can also buy SIM cards via their site to stay online. Klook also has a similarly good mobile app like GetYourGuide. Save 3$ on your first booking with our code.


Viator is owned by TripAdvisor. That’s the reason why all this is the oldest company and the largest in terms of the number of activities sold. Although it offers booking tours around the world, their strongest market is the USA where they have the best coverage. Unfortunately, Viator has missed the arrival of smartphones, so their websites and apps aren’t as good as GetYouGuide or Klook.