The Cameron Highlands is known for its high altitude, so there is a lower temperature than in the rest of Malaysia. Because of that, the soil is very fertile and suitable for cultivation of various kinds of plants, especially a tea plant. As far as the eye can see, there are tea plantations extending, which pleases every photographer. This area is good for mossy forests where various kinds of rare flowers and herbs are in blossom. In any case, if you find yourself on the way through the Cameron Highlands, stay there for a couple days.

The Cameron Highlands – the tea plantations

You can find the location of the tea plantations at an altitude of 1 200 – 2 000 meters above sea level, so the temperature is quite pleasant, around 20°C. The most famous company growing tea is Boh. The guided tour through the plantation is an incredible experience that no visitor to this area should miss. In fact, the tea is a shrub pruned to required height, so that it is easy to pluck.

The tea leaves of the highest quality are harvested by hand. Plucked leaves are immediately transported to the factory standing right next to the plantations. Via fermentation, the tea is gradually manufactured before they sort it out according to quality, and package it. For you, as a visitor of the plantation, there is a tea degustation in a nice café, You can admire there a gorgeous view of a valley full of tea shrubs. We didn’t resist to buy a few packages as a souvenir.

When you are around the area of the Cameron Highlands, do visit the national park Taman Negara. You can find there the oldest rainforest in the the world.

A view to the the plantations

Sipping a delicious tea with a view to the plantations

Cameron Highlands valley

View into a valley full of tea bushes

A trek to see Rafflesia

One of the greatest experiences of our visit to Malaysian rainforests was an opportunity to see a Rafflesia in blossom. Not everyone is lucky enough to do so because this plant blooms once in three months and the flower lasts for a week only. Insect pollinators are attracted to its aroma that is similar to rotting flesh. The size of its bloom might be over one meter weighing 80 kg at the same time. In order to see Rafflesia, you need to find an experienced agency which monitors the places where the plants grow. Each day, the guides look for blooming rafflesias in the forest, in order to be able to take tourists to their location.

Rafflesia bloom

Rafflesia bloom

eva_profilMalaysian hidden gems are green forests and wild nature which is, unfortunately, disappearing more and more rapidly. Palm oil production is to blame. Because of this cheap oil, they burn down rare primeval rain forests, and animals living there die. Sometimes, palm oil plantations are called “green hell” because of the vast territory they occupy. Please, try to avoid products containing this oil as much as you can, and help to reduce the demand for this ingredient. Let’s protect rainforests!

Mossy Forest

It is one of the oldest tropical rainforests, which has a truly unique flora. Because of its air humidity, this forest looks fairy-tale like, as it is overgrown by moss. The mossy forest is typical for its either stable or remarkably changeable temperature, depending on altitude. This jungle can brag about its gorgeous blooming orchids and carnivorous Nepenthes. Our guide showed us many rare and medical plants because of which the forest is often called a green drugstore.

Carnivorous pitcher plant in moss forest

Carnivorous pitcher plant in moss forest

Mossy Forest in Malaysia

Each piece of bark or tree is overgrown with moss

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Malaysia Cameron Highlands