More than fifteen million tourists visit Bangkok annually. So, it is one of the most visited cities in the world. Bangkok offers to visitors almost everything they can even think of – from landmarks to great food, meditation, religious rituals to wild nightlife. We have prepared a detailed travel guide to help you orientate in Bangkok.

Bangkok is one of the most important cities in the world and is usually nicknamed the gate to Asia. It is a fascinating city where western influence meets Eastern culture combined with various religious rituals. Bangkok is currently showing high economic growth, and Thailand is the richest country in its region. There are financial, industrial and economic arteries in the capital, and even the royal family live here. Tourists enjoy good food, cheap entertainment, friendly weather, and beautiful sights.

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The traffic in Bangkok is pretty hectic

The best time to get here is in the period from October to May as, during the summer, there is a period of rains. If it is your first visit, perhaps the biggest shock will be experienced in the first contact with the traditional Asian masquerade. There are about 10 million people living in Bangkok, so you will never find yourself alone. A crowd of people is constantly going around you, and it’s virtually impossible to find a quiet corner here.

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Bangkok is a city of incredible contrasts

Hectic Bangkok will offer you something that other cities don’t have – a stunning atmosphere. Wealth shifts poverty directly in front of the eyes of tourists. On the street, you will pass stunningly high skyscrapers, and you will meet a twisted hut and demolished historic buildings. All of this is filled with noisy music from all sides, colourful crowds and street stalls that you can find literally on every corner. The smell of the canal slams into your nose to immediately replace the scent of fried shrimp in the batter, which is sold very cheaply. Bangkok cannot be described; you have to experience it. In this detailed travel guide, you will find everything you need to know before travelling to Bangkok.

Traffic in Bangkok – Try the Tuk-tuk

The gateway to Bangkok is the Suvarnabhumi airport, which is one of the busiest in Asia and is located 30 km from the metropolis. From the airport, you can go to the centre by train, metro, bus or taxi, and the prices are basically the same – how public transport works in Bangkok. Due to the rising population and the number of private cars, Bangkok has a problem with road use. The government is trying to address this situation by securing public transport. Yet, transportation in Bangkok is one of the experiences you’ll remember as a visitor. Bangkok also has the world’s rarity, the longest street in the world. It’s called Sukhumvit Road, and it’s 400 kilometres long. The end is actually on the border with Cambodia.

tom_profilWe recommend using a boat taxi directly to the city centre. River transport is truly inexpensive, practical and stops along the entire length of the Chao-Phraya River. You will appreciate this transport if you need to get to the other side of the river.   

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Try the river transport during your visit to Bangkok

You should also try Tuk-Tuk, so you can enjoy the right Asian transport atmosphere. We guarantee you won’t experience such a ride anywhere else. There is a sky train in the city which is faster than buses, but it doesn’t go everywhere, so you need to study the timetable thoroughly. The most expensive option is the classic taxis. Be sure that the driver has a taximeter turned on. Taxi drivers in Bangkok know tourists very well and make the price unreasonably high. You can avoid expensive taxis by using app Grab, which is a local Uber equivalent. We highly recommend Grab not only in Bangkok but throughout Southeast Asia. 

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Tuk-tuk is an excellent and cheap way of transportion in Bangkok

Where to Stay in Bangkok

The most popular district for backpackers is Banglamphu, where you will find the cheapest accommodation in the whole city. This is the most famous street in the city –  Khao San Road. The street is famous for its bizarre nightlife. While searching for the right accommodation, be aware that the closer you are to the centre, you will be faced with ever-increasing noise. Another popular area is Siam Square.

When looking for accommodation in Bangkok in a higher price category, one of the most interesting places is the Hotel Oriental, whose history began in 1876. It is one of the best hotels in the world, and its spa is very popular. If you only need the basic room, you will pay about $45. If you want to try out the real luxury, the presidential suite overlooking the entire city with an area of the hotel floor starts at $4,000. Imagine the feeling that Tom Cruise slept here before you.

How Buddhism Works in Thailand

Thai culture is very specific. Buddhism in Thailand is widespread with over 90% of the population. It is the most tolerant and the most peaceful religion in the world, and you will meet with it in every step. Basically, it isn’t about religion; it’s like a philosophical direction or way of life. On the streets, you will surely meet monks dressed in vibrant shrubs. In general, every man is expected to become a monk at least once in a lifetime.

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Buddhism has a long tradition in Thailand

During the stay in the monastery, he and other monks pray, study and do the necessary work. However, this status may be abandoned at any time. We often encounter the fact that both men and women enter the monastery during difficult periods of time to draw the necessary energy for a return to life. Some companies even give their employees a salary after entering the monastery.

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You will surely meet a lot of monks in Thailand

Transsexuality in Thailand – Who are Ladyboys

Because Buddhism is concerned with the soul, it doesn’t attach such meaning to the material body. The soul is eternal and cyclically reincarnated into other living beings. For this reason, the Thais are very tolerant of all kinds of minorities, such as transsexuals, etc. Thailand has long been at the forefront of plastic surgery related to gender change. Perhaps every visitor in Thailand encounters ladyboys. Men are operatively transformed into women. Among other things, the level of operations performed differs.

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Ladyboys are often very beautiful women

Some tourists to Bangkok just follow this experience, and the internet is full of advice and tips on how to get to know the right ladyboy and where it is most likely to find them. It is a surprise that many such men are very famous and popular in Thailand. Asian people are mostly conservative in these matters, and in some countries, this punishment would also be punished by death. But Thailand is a heavily Buddhist country, and it goes hand in hand with a wide range of personal freedom and tolerance. The LGBT community isn’t bad at all in comparison with the surrounding countries. On the other hand, prostitution is illegal in Thailand and is very severely punished, but the sex industry is making a billion dollars a year to attract thousands of visitors from around the world.

eva_profilDo you know the original name for the capital of Thailand? – Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Amorn Rattanakosindra Mahindrayutthaya Mahadilokpop Noparattana Radchhani Burirom Udom Rachivet Mahastan Amom Pimam Avatam Satit Sakututtiya Vishnukarm Prasit. (how to pronounce it) The stranger lifts his tongue into a long name, but local Thais have a problem with it. That’s why it’s shortened to Krung Thep, meaning City of Angels. Finally, we can be glad to have an international name – Bangkok.   

Bangkok Nightlife – Where to Go

Before heading into your hotel room to sleep, you have to go down the streets. Bangkok is renowned for its nightlife. No matter what you are looking for, Bangkok has everything. The most famous place is Khao San Road. A street lined with bars, restaurants, discos and street stalls with cheap meals and clothing. You can find entertainment here for the whole evening. Street guides will offer you varied activities, some of which may surprise you. If you’re looking for something wilder, head to Patpong. In addition to bars, pubs, and restaurants, you can find well-known red-light districts, areas with a high concentration of nightclubs and prostitutes. Another renowned stop is Nana Plaza. Looking for an ordinary apartment house but instead of housing units inside, you will find go-go bars and beer clubs. Tourists also enjoy Soi Cowboy Street.

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Nightlife in Thailand is very popular

If you want to spend your evenings in a quieter way, Bangkok offers a solution for everyone. Celebrated attractions are sports matches, most often in golf or Thai boxing. Head to the Lumphini or Rajdamnoen stadiums. Tickets aren’t expensive. Very popular entertainment is also the performance of traditional dance with examples of Asian martial arts. For this type of entertainment, head out to Sukhumvit Road. It is worth mentioning that Bangkok has a relatively low crime rate, so the biggest danger you are facing is traffic accidents.

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Thai Boxing is a popular entertainment in Bangkok

Food in Bangkok – What to Try and Where to Eat

When it comes to Thailand, most of us remember an incredibly colourful and tasty meal. That’s really a lot in Bangkok, and you eat cheaply, good and safe. You don’t have to worry about eating on the street, just the other way around, the chefs are doing really good dishes. The mobile stalls are very popular in the streets of Bangkok. They offer interesting meals here that you simply have to taste. As a tourist, you cannot leave without tasting traditional Thai curry or fried rice noodles with meat – Pad Thai. 

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Typical Thai beer is Chang

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Don’t forget to try the national food – Pad Thai

The Thais do it in several ways, and it is up to you which one you like. You can also eat in more expensive restaurants, which offer a more sophisticated alternative to renowned cuisine. In addition to fried noodles and rice, Thais love hearty soups. Asian cuisine is variable, full of vegetables and lean meat, so it’s very healthy. And also, spicy. That’s what you’re going to eat in Bangkok. The Khao San Road offers a special delicacy for tourists. If you aren’t afraid, try grasshoppers or cockroaches.

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The Khao San Road tourist street offers tourists and little unusual delicacies

Shopping in Bangkok – Head to the Night Market

Apart from sightseeing, entertainment, and fine dining, Bangkok offers another tourist attraction, making it a cheap shopping experience. In Bangkok, you can get virtually anything. For shopping, stroll around Chinatown or Siam Square and Ploenchit Road, which are renowned shopping districts. At weekends, you shouldn’t miss the market in the Chatuchak area, where you can get everything you can remember. Don’t forget to visit the Night Markets, which are very interesting in Thailand. Thais not only sell and purchase new goods, but it’s also a social event. You don’t have to worry about high crime in the city, but pickpockets are everywhere, so it’s good to be careful when shopping.

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Shopping is a popular in Thailand

If you have already visited Bangkok, what did you like the most? Why would you go back there? Write us a comment! 

Ayutthaya - Elephant with tourists

Don’t forget to visit the royal city of Ayutthaya, located just an hour’s drive from Bangkok.