It is a common belief that you can really get to know your partner in a short space of time, especially during the time spent away together travelling. However, when planning a break, there can be some anxiety on how to go about it. You want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. After all, it’s rare that you’re able to spend 24 hours a day together with your partner.

If you plan to travel together, it is always important to keep in mind that a few important factors play a role during each trip. The things you have to manage depend on many factors, such as the length of your trip. If you like staying on the beaches, you will face different situations to hiking in the mountains. However, it is always important to keep in mind a few important tips that are common to travelling with a partner. So, what are the keys to making sure your trip with your partner is enjoyed by both of you without any issues arising? Allow us to put together a list of steps to ensure your break takes place without any hiccups.

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Hiking together in Hawaii

Plan your journey and think about a shared budget

It is very important to know what each partner expects from travelling together. The longer you know each other, the easier it is for you to estimate the needs of each other. Yet each traveller can imagine something completely different from their trip. Therefore, it is important to find out your partner’s preferences and needs. Ideally, plan your trip together in advance. It is not necessary to stick to your plans, but rather get an idea of what activities you want to do on your vacation. This includes some budget range for the whole trip that will save you a lot of discussions about money. For some, it is important to enjoy a nice hotel; for others, it may be a trek to a volcano peak. Make it clear in advance, so you don’t have to argue on your vacation.

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Planning trip in Bordeaux

Try things neither of you has done before

When we go on holiday with friends or family, we like to engage in activities that we have never done before; things that take us away from our everyday life. 45% of us reportedly travel to learn more about ourselves, after all. That is exactly what you should do when you are on holiday with your partner, too. Try new things – activities, which neither of you has tried before. This will not only bond you together even closer, but it can also be a great way to learn even more things about your other half.

eva_profilIt is proven that couples travelling together have stronger relationships. Shared experiences, overcoming difficulties and the day-long presence of a partner build mutual intimacy in your relationship. Travel teaches partners to communicate better, understand each other’s needs, and face uncomfortable situations together. Besides, you will retain memories that create an even stronger bond between the two of you. Definitely, do not be afraid to go somewhere together!

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Enojoy different activities together – bikinig Death Road in Bolivia

Make compromises and communicate

This is an important one to allow any holiday to flow, especially if you are away for any lengthy period. The art of compromise is always important in a relationship, but when you are away from your home comforts, it is especially crucial. As two separate individuals, there is likely to be a difference in what you both want to do and get out of the trip. Therefore, good communication is also very important. If you don’t like something, tell your partner right away. After a 20-kilometre hike, you will be tired and hungry, so it will be hard to stay friendly. In the end, it will teach you mutual patience and tolerance.

Allow yourself some time alone

Just because you and your partner are travelling together, it doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip throughout your time away. It is inevitable that one of you will want some time away from the other, whether that is for an early night or just some peace and quiet to relax in a different environment. Embrace this rather than let it worry you. You can be apart while on holiday. It gives you both a chance to do something you want to do, and that is an important way of maintaining the status quo throughout your period away.

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Slow down and relax in Amazonia in Peru

Have no expectations and have fun

Who does not expect anything cannot be disappointed. This is the most valuable advice we can give you. We know a lot of travellers who dreamed of a romantic vacation on a Caribbean beach (Check out best photos from Dominican Republic) and were disappointed when the weather didn’t work out, or the beach was just full of seaweed. The less you expect, and the more you are open to adventure, the more you will enjoy your journey. Any difficulty you encounter is part of travelling, and it will be the memories that you will later tell your friends.  The whole idea of going away together in the first place is to get away from the reality of the daily grind. You are there, and it is time to enjoy both the company that you have and the surroundings you find yourselves in. When both of you are enjoying yourself and having fun, one thing can often lead to another, and you can end up having the time of your lives, making the holiday even more special.