Malaysia is among the most popular tourist destinations. Especially thanks to its affordability, high level of safety and tropical climate, it has become a favourite stop for many travellers. Countless islands are also part of Malaysia; one of them is the Langkawi archipelago located between Malaysia and Thailand, on the edge of the Andaman Sea and the Strait of Malacca.

The Langkawi archipelago is located on about 100 small tropical islands scattered not far off the Malaysian mainland. The main island – Pulau Langkawi, which offers countless tourist attractions, is especially popular. We have listed the best 5 activities which you can do in Langkawi.

You can easily fly from many destinations to Langkawi airport, or you can take a ferry from Penang, Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, and Satun in Thailand

1. Langkawi Sky Bridge with breath-taking views

All visitors of Langkawi Island should see the iconic Sky Bridge. Visiting it is among the best activities that you can do on the island. It’s a curved cable bridge located 700 meters above sea level. The bridge offers splendid views of a large part of the Langkawi Islands covered by tropical rainforest and the Azure sea. The neighboring islands that belong to Thailand can even be admired from there too.

Reaching the bridge is possible using a cable car, which leads to the Gunung Mat Cincang Mountain. The cable car has two stops. Both stops offer a café and a viewing platform. The best view is from the second platform of course, as it is located much higher. However, visitors need to have some luck in terms of the weather because the platform is located high among the clouds, so it pays off to wait for the sky to be clear. All the necessary information can be found on the official website –

Langkawi Sky Bridge

What can not be missed on Langkawi’s list of activities? Sky Bridge

2. Langkawi Island hopping

As the Langkawi archipelago includes dozens of other islands, it would be a shame to only visit the main one – Pulau Langkawi. There are countless companies offering the Island Hopping Tour, so visitors are able to sail out on the open sea and admire the small islands from a boat. We chose an evening trip with dinner during sunset called Sunset Dinner Cruise. We sailed out in the late afternoon on a mid-sized catamaran with several other passengers. Local seafood and chicken meat were served for dinner directly from the grill. Unlimited consumption of alcoholic cocktails was also available.

In addition to excellent food and drink, there were splendid views of the surrounding area and the magical sunset. A kind of sea whirlpool was created by launching a huge net into the water, and everyone immediately jumped into the water. The entertainment was in full swing. However, once it got dark, we slowly made our way back. If you want to choose a similar boat trip around the islands, we would definitely recommend Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Langkawi Sunset dinner cruise

Our beautiful catamaran during the amazing sunset

3. Kayaking in Langkawi mangrove forest

Other interesting Langkawi activities is exploring the surrounding nature, which is truly one-of-a-kind. Lovers of outdoor activities will surely appreciate a tour to the mangrove forest on kayaks. These special forests are especially interesting as they can be found thriving in water where freshwater is mixed with saltwater. As a result, of that, their roots are densely branched and grow upwards. During this trip, we first visited thousand-year-old caves full of bats, then boarded a motorboat and admired the huge beautiful cliffs rising directly from the water.

The motorboat took us to a fishing village that stands on wooden poles just off the mangrove forests. From there, we went on kayaks. Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of kayaks is their small size that enables you to explore even the smallest streams, and most importantly, the absence of an engine means you don’t disturb other animals. From the boats, we also had the opportunity to admire monkeys and the majestic reddish brown eagle – symbols of the Langkawi islands.

Malaysia Langkawi mangrove kayaking

Photo during a Langkawi kayaking tour in Malaysia

4. Zipline through tropical rainforest on Langkawi

One thing fans of entertainment will enjoy is the Eco Zipline Tour. A large part of Langkawi is covered by a tropical rainforest, and a zip-line through the treetops is a great opportunity to experience some adrenaline and explore the forest at the same time. During the tour, trained instructors will take care of you. They are also excellent storytellers and know the forest very well.

You will learn about the trees and plants you see around you, as well as, about the animals that live on Langkawi Island. This attraction takes about two hours, and the highlight is literally a sightseeing ride over a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the forest. You don’t have to worry about safety at all – the entire trip is very professionally set up and everyone is very competent. Check out the amazing video from our visit of the Zipline Tour on Langkawi.

Malaysia Langkawi zipline

Zipline on Langkawi is great fun

5. Birdwatching – The rare hornbills

Langkawi Island has become a home to an incredible number of birds – ornithologists have actually counted over 267 different bird species. Nobody is surprised that Langkawi Island has the dominant reddish brown eagle as its symbol. Up to a third of birds migrate there from Asia and some even from Europe. They travel to warmer lands to find food depending on the fruit season.

Among the largest species are the rare hornbills, which can also be sighted in the wild. We decided to watch wild birds with the Jungewalla Tour. In addition to the hornbills, we were also able to see the rare eagles, but also monkeys and the giant black squirrel. One doesn’t have to be an ornithologist to enjoy observing birds soar from tree to tree and play around in the wild.

Flying Great Hornbill

Flying Great Hornbill

tom_profilAny visit to Langkawi wouldn’t be complete without enjoying beaches. You can visit countless gorgeous beaches on Pulau Langkawi. The best ones undoubtedly include Pantai Cenang (probably the most popular beach on the island), Tanjung Rhu (white beach with palm trees), and Pantai Kok (a very quiet beach that hasn’t yet been discovered by tourists).
Langkawi beach Pantai Cenang

The main beach of Langkawi at Pantai Cenang.

If you come to Malaysia, it would be a pity to visit only the Langkawi archipelago. This country, with its unique nature, offers beautiful rainforests too. In the heart of the country, visitors are also able to visit one of the oldest rainforests on Earth or admire the art of growing the best tea.

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