The town of Trebic, situated in the Czech Republic, is unique in its culture and history. It testifies to one of the most preserved Jewish quarters throughout Europe. Nowadays, it serves as a demonstration of how Jews and Christians used to live side by side. Trebic will show you a unique taste of history from the intricate streets of the historic town. If you are interested in what to do in Trebic, then continue reading.

The town dates back to 1101 when a Benedictine monastery was built in the area. Three years later, a church was added and in 1260, the Basilica of St. Prokop, which you can visit today. In the 15th century, the town was burned down by several great fires, so there is little evidence today of the Renaissance construction. During the history of the town of Trebic, the Jewish Quarter gradually grew, and its greatest boom was reached in the 17th century. Christians and Jews lived side by side without the slightest problem for centuries. Nevertheless, in 1723, Jews were ordered to separate from the Christians and to create their own community- the Jewish Ghetto.

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Trebic is known for its Jewish streets

A sad chapter for Trebic was the Second World War, when the inhabitants, together with the Germans, expelled all the Jews and sent them to the concentration camps and seized their property. After the war, only a few returned, and they no longer had the strength to restore the community. As the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, there are so-called “Stones of the Fellows” that can be found in tiles in front of some houses. They immortalize names of individuals or entire families with the dates of their death.

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Although the synagogue has been used for various purposes in the past, basic paintings have survived

What to do in Trebic?

Trebic also offers culture and clean air, as the city is the ecologically cleanest in the whole Czech Republic. However, the most frequent reason for visiting is the renowned cultural sights and the opportunity to see the Jewish culture.

Unique Jewish Quarter

Did you know that besides the Jewish monuments in Israel, the Jewish Quarter of Trebic is the only other complex Jewish monument on the UNESCO list? In the narrow and crooked streets, you will see 123 preserved houses, among which are hidden unexpected squares and old synagogues. You can also see the former orphanage, the hospital and the school. Some houses today serve as museums, so you can have a look into historic bedrooms or bathrooms of Jewish families. When you are done exploring the city, head to the Jewish cemetery. The Jewish cemetery in Trebic is one of the largest and best preserved in the whole Czech Republic. Estimates claim that roughly 11,000 people found their place of rest there, and there are about 3,000 stone tombstones on the ground. The oldest comes from the 17th century.

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The entire Jewish town has an interesting past

You won´t stroll the romantic streets of the Jewish city all alone, but with some of about 100,000 tourists who come yearly, most often from America, Germany, or Austria. You don´t necessarily meet them only in the historical centre; Trebic is also well-known for its cycle paths where cyclists traverse the Jihlava -Trebic route and the Austrian town Raabs.

A visit to the Trebic castle complex, which is situated on the site of the former Benedictine monastery is also a great idea. Travelers can visit the remarkable Basilica of St. Prokop, one of the oldest in the Czech Republic.

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The castle complex is a popular place to visit

It was built in the Romanesque style in the 13th century and is decorated with paintings that captivate every visitor. A beautiful building has served for many purposes during its history. Below the basilica lies the crypt, which we recommend visiting as it is the most valuable part of the complex. Other sights include the city tower that towers up to seventy-five meters high. With good visibility, Capuchin Monastery or the Painted House on Charles Square can be seen from here.

Visit Trebic with a Guide

When you think about what to do in Trebic, we recommend walking around with the guided tour. You can choose from two official circuits. The first circuit is a commented tour of the Rear Synagogue and the House of Seligmann Bauer, which takes about 1.5-2 hours. You will see the Jewish Synagogue with a guide, and its visit will take you through the history of the monument up to the present. The tour continues into the Seligmann Bauer Residential House, which features a permanent exhibition of the life of a typical Jewish family. The guide takes you into the house and explains some Jewish customs.

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The Jewish cemetery nearby is in very good condition

The second circuit is enriched with a walk in the town, where the guide stops over some of the important sites of the Jewish town. The tour ends right in the old Jewish cemetery, which is a short walk from the city centre. The second circuit is about an hour longer and needs to be booked in advance.

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Visiting the Jewish Cemetery is an integral part of the tour

If you want to visit the town of Trebic with a commented sightseeing tour, you better book in advance. The tour is very interesting, and we recommend not to miss it.

Contact to tourist information center:

Tel.: +420 568 610 023
Subakova 1/44, 674 01  Trebic

What to Do in Trebic Surroundings?

What can you do in Trebic after seeing all the sights? You can go out into nature. Trebic lies in a deep valley along the river Jihlava, so be prepared for some hilly terrain. You can see either the volcanic hills south of the town or the Klucovska hill, where the TV transmitter stands. If you want to take a longer walk, we recommend Hell’s Hill or Zadni hill; however, count on a several-hour hike. This year, the town of Trebic has ordered electric scooters that can make your visit in the countryside even more pleasant.

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Every year tourists from all over the world visit the town of Trebic

When you enjoy sights and nature in Trebic, you may want to check out some cultural activities. You can go to the Pasáž Theater on Masaryk Square or to an exhibition or concert in the National House. If your legs aren’t yet tired, and you want to dance, Paradise, Black & White, Golem or Club R are the most famous nightclubs. The greatest attraction in Trebic is the annual festival of Zamosti, which features the most famous musicians of the Czech commercial and alternative music scene, attracting thousands of visitors every June.

How to Get to Trebic?

You can easily get to Trebic by bus from Prague or Brno. We recommend you to buy tickets online at GoEuro. Anyway, the most comfortable way to Trebic is to go by car (Rent a car in Brno or Prague) as the city lies just off the D1 motorway.

There are several hotels and guesthouses in the city, but if you want to really experience the Trebic atmosphere at night, we recommend Joseph 1699, which is located in the former poverty line. This is one of the newest hotels in Trebic; others mostly come from the times of the totalitarian regime. You can find out more about Trebic directly from the official website of the city.

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