Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia. If you are looking for an untouched place where the beauty of the sky-blue sea meets with the whitest sand and beautiful nature, then you are in the right place. Koh Rong Island offers its visitors unique nature and a wild exotic touch.

Koh Rong is an exotic island that is a popular destination for all lovers of beach activities. As there is no massive tourism yet, you can enjoy exotic nature and almost empty beaches. For this reason, the place is being likened to the islands in Thailand about 20 years ago, before they were flooded with mass tourism. Unfortunately, it looks like Koh Rong is awaiting the same future. Most of the island has been leased by an investment group that plans to build large resorts, tourist sites, and even airports. So go ahead and visit Koh Rong Island before there is nothing left of it!

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Koh Rong Island offers plenty of beach activities

Koh Rong is perfect for independent travellers and backpackers. There are no planes going to the island, nor do there are roads here. The only way to get there is by ferry. Boats sail several times a day from Sihanoukville village and the journey takes approximately 35 minutes.

The main street of Koh Toch dominates the island, which is right next to the beach. It is actually a street full of wooden houses, bars, restaurants and other facilities. You will simply find everything you might need for your stay here. In the evenings, the bars become alive with music and dance and every visitor can enjoy the atmosphere of a true beach party. The perfect place is the Police Beach, where the Full Moon Party is held regularly.

eva_profilLovers of luxury are sure to be delighted by the private resort Song Saa. Luxurious accommodation that provides its visitors with the ultimate comfort combined with nature. This resort was built in shallow waters near the island and only connects with it by a wooden walkway.
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On the island of Koh Rong you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets every day

If you are looking for a quieter holiday option, here at Koh Rong you will also find your spot. The island is big enough and there is an impervious jungle in the very centre of it. If you choose to stay in remote bungalows, you definitely won´t regret it. Koh Rong offers up to 28 beautiful beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat or on foot through the island where the fairly wild jungle is located. There are no roads on the island, and you have to walk everywhere on foot.

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Koh Rong offers beautiful beaches, white sand and clear water

When you come to the island, make sure to use one of a variety of excursions. These are offered at great rates and you can take a half-day or even multi-day boat trip around the island and its surroundings. You will reach the otherwise inaccessible beaches and you will be able to enjoy a variety of activities such as fishing, barbeque, swimming, visiting a local village, or romantic sailing at sunset. In addition to boat trips, Koh Rong offers a number of jungle trails and endless walks along the beautiful coast where you can discover new beaches. Keep in mind that the locals still live in their villages on the island so you can meet them occasionally with their water buffaloes.

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